Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Christmas Céili!

Its Christmas Ceili Time!

Its Christmas, the time for dancing! And for all of us who meet each week to craft these beautiful tunes, its time to take them out and swing them around some real dancers.

The Christmas Ceili is on December 3, at the Maleny Primary School Hall, 13 Bunya Street, just as you enter town from the coast.

There'll be live traditional music played by the class and lots of our auspicious tune-playing friends, experienced dance callers, and a cafe for refreshments.

Everyone in the class is welcome to participate in the band. But don't forget to get down there and have a dance - its so much fun and it makes perfect sense out of all these tunes!

These are the sets we'll be looking at, with a special Ceili Practice tonight guided by Tania.

Barn Dances

Thadelo's/ Campbell's/ Terry Tehan's


Tatterjack Walsh/ Pipe on the Hob/ Nora Crionna

Willie Coleman's/ Black Road/ My Darling Asleep


Peelers Jacket/ Miss Monaghan/ Banshee

Musical Priest/ Monaghan Twig/ Star of Munster

Plough and the Stars/ Bank of Ireland/ Wind that Shakes the Barley

Dick Gossip/ St Anne's/ Masons Apron in G


Rakes of Mallow/ Egan's/ Finnish/ Bill Sullivan's in D then A



Extra homework if you're keen

Polkas: Walsh's/ Ballyvourney/ Johnny Leary's

Reels: Brenda/ Scholar/ Dinkies

Jigs: Kerfunten/ Eddie Kelly's/ Give Us a Drink of Water

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