Monday, October 10, 2011

And its GOLD in the Ring! Plus the Colliers Reel.

The Gold Ring in all its seven part glory has been thoroughly played by Maleny Tunes Class last Wednesday night. If you weren't there and want to catch up, all the parts are below, with the usual instructions on how to listen to a horrid midi file of them as well!!

The other great achievement of the night was the Collier's Reel. By special request and most unusually, the dots are attached as a gif below. The versio
n is based on the playing of Joe Fitzgerald, a Clare box player from Melbourne.

Regular super-slow-paced classes are now a feature of Maleny Tunes Class, and run simultaneously with the intermediate class. There will definitely be a Slow and Supportive Class on Tunes From the Vault night (the second Wednesday of the month, this week) and on CĂ©ili Practice Night (the fourth Wednesday of the month), and there may be a slow class every week if there is the demand. The patient and encouraging Tania Owens will be teaching regularly, ensuring more and more people start to enjoy playing Irish tunes.

If you would like to hear the melody, copy and past the text including the header into, select abc2mi

di and click on "submit".

X: 1
T: Gold Ring, The
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
R: jig
K: Gmaj
|:BAG A2d|cAF G2A|BAG A2d|cAG FGA|
BAG A2d|cAF GBd|~g3 afd|cAF G3:|

|:~B3 Bdc|A2A dcA|~G3 GFG|Add cAG|
B2B Bdc|A2A dcA|FDE F2d|[1 cAF G2A:|[2 cAF ~g3 |

|:fdd edd|fdd edd|fdd ed=c|dcA Geg|
fdd edd|fdd edd|dfa gfd|[1 cAF G2g:|[2 cAF G3 |

|:~g3 f2d|cAG GBd|~g3 f2d|cAG FGA|
~g3 f2d|~g3 f2d|[1 ~g3 afd|cAF GBd:|[2 gab afd|cAF GFE|


|:~B3 ~D3|~A3 ~D3|~G3 GBd|cAG FGA|
~B3 ~D3|~A3 ~D3|~G3 GBd|cAF G3:|

|:B2G A2G|d2G G2A|B2G A2G|cAG FGA|

BAG AGF|GFD FAd|~f3 fed|cAF G3:|

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