Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A tune every fortnight.

This week we are learning a new tune at Maleny Tunes Class. Next week we will have a night of practising tunes we have previously met, to get them up to a more useful speed and get to know them better. This has become the pattern over the last couple of months and seems to be working well. 

The aim of the practice night is to get us all into the Maleny Ceilidh Band! The brilliance of the Ceilidh at the Maleny Celtic Winter School was so wonderful we want to have more of them. The next one is scheduled for November, and a date will be set soon. Probably the 20th.

 7 July NEW TUNE
14 July CEILIDH PRACTICE (practise tunes, put them into sets, get them going nicely. Will definitely be practising Willie Colemans, The Black Road, My Darling Asleep, The Peeler's Jacket, Miss Monaghan and The Banshee, amongst others)
21 July NEW TUNE
4 August  NEW TUNE and party.

I am going on tour in the UK with my band, cloudstreet, from the 11th or 12th, so we had better have a party on the 4th! Several great tunes players have offered to help out with the class and the ceilidh band while I'm away. More details as they come to hand!

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