Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Mason's Apron and other goodies.

The Mason's Apron was the tune of the night on Wednesday. The intermediate flute class learned it at the Maleny Celtic Winter School this year, and I thought we should all have it. Its a great reel. We learned the two part version in G, which is very flute-friendly. Many people also play it in A, so its worth trying it there too.

For the Winter School, I analysed the Chieftains' version and then the variations that Matt Molloy plays solo in an amazing performance which I have embedded below. And I've posted the dots which compare the two versions, A and B parts only. The intermediate flute class worked on all sorts of variations, and each person contributed a bar of variation until we had a unique version created by the class. Loads of fun.

I've also posted the tune Jem Dunlop taught a few weeks ago when he was guest tutor for the night. Its a cracking reel called The Monaghan Twig. I've put a really slow, simplified version on flute. Jem's elegant fiddle version is below it.

Next week is ceilidh practice, which means a slow session of tunes we have learned, done as many times and as slowly or speedily as everyone wants until we're satisfied, or, I might teach a new tune if the people present prefer it. The week after that is tunes party night, as its Nicole's last Tunes Class until November.

We are still discussing the details of who will be teaching in which week while Nicole's away, and the info will be posted to the blog soon!

Click here for a pdf of the The Mason's Apron Variations
as sheet music.

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