Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Jigs from the Vault

Oh, dear, it took me all week to put up Part Four of The Gold Ring, but here it is, just in time to learn Part Five tonight!

Its Vault night, when we excavate long buried tunes under cover of darkness and fuelled by biscuits and tea. This week we are excavating a few jigs; yes, a whole night of the time signature that swings along to syllables that sound like "pineapple underpants".

We will revise Behind the Haystack (also known as Munster Buttermilk, though another jig shares that name), and probably Kalyama unless there is a request for another jig.

See you there!

The Gold Ring Project, Part Four (with all the other parts)
Here are parts one, two, three and four. As before, if you would like to hear them, copy and past the text including the header into http://www.folkinfo.org/songs/abcconvert.php, select abc2midi and click on "submit".

X: 1
T: Gold Ring, The
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
R: jig
K: Gmaj
|:BAG A2d|cAF G2A|BAG A2d|cAG FGA|
BAG A2d|cAF GBd|~g3 afd|cAF G3:|
|:~B3 Bdc|A2A dcA|~G3 GFG|Add cAG|
B2B Bdc|A2A dcA|FDE F2d|[1 cAF G2A:|[2 cAF ~g3 ||:fdd edd|fdd edd|fdd ed=c|dcA G2g|
fdd edd|fdd edd|dfa gfd|[1 cAF G2g:|[2 cAF G3 ||:~g3 f2d|cAG GBd|~g3 f2d|cAG FGA|
~g3 f2d|~g3 f2d|[1 ~g3 afd|cAF GBd:|[2 gab afd|cAF GFE|

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