Thursday, March 17, 2011

A Teetotaller on St Patrick's Day

Just for a stir, we learned The Teetotaller, or the Temperance Reel, on the eve of St Patrick's Day. There is a song which goes with the melody, about some fellas that go to a funeral but end up pawning their duds to get a mate out of gaol..... if anyone knows all the words it would be much appreciated!

And until then, a slow version of the Teetotaller is now in the tunes sidebar. Just click on it to get a version with which to practise.

This week is Ceili Practice week, and Steve will be guiding the group that are getting it all up to dance speed, with Tania teaching one of the tunes from the dance sets to people who haven't encountered it before.

Nicole will be away in Townsville.

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  1. G'day Nicole, I've found some words and emailed them to you. The blog doesn't like me posting them here.
    Hugs - Mal