Sunday, January 30, 2011

Yes! Yes! Yes! Its this week!

Maleny Tunes Class starts again this Wednesday, 2 February!!

Can't wait for the Silly Season to make way for the Ceili season! This silly season has been off the scale nuts, with flooding all over Australia, especially in Queensland, and including Maleny (which is up a mountain for those who are reading this elsewhere) where 282mm fell on Jan 10th alone. And there's a cyclone on the way up north.

But the BIG NEWS was that the Maleny Ceili Band, starring members of the Maleny Tunes Class, played at Woodford Folk Festival! Congratulations to Tania, Mal and Missy, who not only played at the Irish Ceili, but joined Nicole, Jem, Donald, Max and Davydd to play a concert spot on the Folklorica stage!

So join us for a tune, a chat and a chocolate cake this Wednesday. There are lots of exciting plans for this year - watch this blogspot.

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