Sunday, December 20, 2009

Happy Festive Season, crank up the tunes!

Maleny Tunes Class is having Christmas and January off to enjoy summer and go to some music festivals. See you at Woodford for the Ceili.

The first class for 2010 is on Wed 24 February. 

Maleny Tunes Class is run by multi-instrumental tutor, Nicole Murray, every Wednesday night from 7-9pm in Maleny, in the Sunshine Coast hinterland, Queensland. Nicole teaches mainly Irish tunes, by ear, working slowly phrase by phrase. We usually learn a tune in the first hour, have a delicious supper and finish with a slow session, playing tunes we have learned in previous weeks. Its very social and a good challenge.

If you can pick out a tune on your instrument and would like to learn some traditional repertoire, you're ready to join the class! Maleny Tunes Class students play a range of instruments including flute, whistle, mandolin, fiddle and concertina.

Maleny Tunes Class had a wonderful Christmas Party and Slow Session at Finbar's Lounge Bar in Maleny on December 6, and since then we have learned two more tunes!

A cd of 28 of the tunes we have learned in 2009 will be available in the Woodford Folk Festival shop for $15, or can be bought from Nicole by emailing her on nicole [at]

Tunes we have learned this year include: 
1. Willie Colemans jig in G
2. The Black Road jig in D
3. My Darling Asleep jig in D
4. The Peeler’s Jacket reel in G
5. Brenda Stubberts reel in Am
6. Craig’s Pipes reel in G
7. Rakes of Mallow polka in G
8. Bill Sullivan’s polka in G
9. Egan’s polka in D
10. The Kesh Jig jig in G
11. Christy Barry’s No 2 jig in G
12. Dusty Windowsill jig in Am
13. Calliope House jig in D
14. Dowd’s No 9 reel in D
15. St. Anne’s Reel reel in D
16. The Banshee reel in G
17. Star of Munster reel in Am
18. Hardiman the Fiddler  slide in D mixolydian
19. The Fair Little Canavans slide in G
20. Lannigan’s Ball jig in Em
21. The Ship in Full Sail jig in G
22. The Wise Maid reel in D
23. The Glen Allen reel in G
24. The Concertina reel in D
25. Rolling in the Ryegrass reel in D
26. The Ash Plant reel in Em
27. Christmas Eve reel in G
28. Dinkies reel in A mixolydian

See you in February!
Cheers, Nicole

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  1. Have a great Christmas Nic. Thanks for the tune sessions they were great and Peter and I will certainly be back in February